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Exciting News at Standard Brewing Company

SBC Exciting News!!!

We’ve heard the message from our customer base loud and clear. Focus on the beer, and let’s have some fun! So, we are getting back to our roots and we will be working to transform Standard Brewing into a more traditional brew pub. While we will no longer be doing lunch during the week, we will still have great food available in the evening and all day on Saturday and Sunday. To keep it interesting, you can also expect some food specials from time to time. On the beer side, with our brewery running at full speed, we will always have 8 to 12 of our own SBC beers on tap and a special small batch release every week.

You will begin to notice more of a brew pub feel as you walk in the door, as we modify the seating area and shift to a more casual “order at the bar” service style. There will also be more entertainment options coming with the addition of a pool table and another game or two. We think you’ll like the changes, and we are determined to be your regular stop for amazing hand crafted beer, great pub food and fun times.

Belgian Tripel: A Story of Simplicity

Our new Belgian Tripel is now in the brite tanks and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally be brewing in my own brewery! It took some time to get here, but we made it and it’s more amazing than I could have expected!

Trappist Style Ales have always been one of my favorite beer styles. The Belgian Tripel was what really got me hooked on beer and brewing early on. While the Tripel is made with really simple ingredients, it’s a very complex beer that really tests your brewing skills and fermentation techniques. Sure, I could have gone with a more forgiving beer for the first brew session in the new brewery, but where’s the fun in that?belgianclear

Another aspect of the Trappist style ale that really fascinates me is its history and association with the hard working and self-sustaining monks of Belgium. The Trappist monks were strong believers in hospitality, a self-sustaining life and charity; the three reasons for the main three major Trappist styles: Pater, Dubbel and Tripel.

The Tripel, the most desirable beer with the highest ABV, was brewed from the first running of the wort and was served to travelers who would often seek refuge at the order’s Abbeys. The Dubbel, made from the second running of the wort, featured a lower alcohol content and was reserved for the monks as a way to sustain their hard working lifestyle. While the last running of the wort, which resulted in the lowest ABV, was given to the poor as charity.

I paid special attention to the ingredients used when making this beer as I really wanted to pay tribute to the hardworking brewers. I imported a very high quality German Pilsner Malt for the bulk of this beer’s grist to keep with its tradition. Also in keeping with tradition, I chose a traditional Noble hop to impart a touch of bitterness to this sweet, fruity beer. You’ll find that our Belgian tripel has a great balance, active carbonation and a refreshingly dry finish.

Now that you have a little bit of info on this beer, could you help me give it a name? If you come up with one, let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page now until Jan. 31. Then, I’ll choose the best name for one of my favorite beers!

Thanks for reading,
Head Brewer, Standard Brewing Company

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