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Hey, beer lovers, we know you’ve heard of Mug Clubs, but obviously ours is better… way better. You can trust us, wouldn’t lie to you on our own website. Here at SBC we’re all about raising the bar (bellying up to it, too) and setting new standards. So obviously you should join our Mug Club! Wanna’ to know why? We’ll tell ya’ why….

Benefits of being a Mug Club member

  • The day you join our Mug Club you’ll get your very own, 20-oz*, hand-crafted, limited edition, numbered, stoneware mug created especially for you by our artisan buddies at Mississippi Mud Pottery!
  • We’ll even give your mug its very own home, a numbered peg where it will hang proudly until your return, waiting for you to fill it with 20-oz* of fresh, hand-made SBC brew. Don’t worry, we’ll give it a wash in between visits.
  • It gets better, beer lovers. Each time you stop by SBC we’ll fill your giant, 20-oz* stein for the price of a pint! That’s a free quarter pint every time! Beer’s good, so more beer is better, right!?
  • Hate Mondays? We’ll fix that! Mug Clubbers enjoy $3 fills of all SBC brews all day long on Mondays!
  • Need a happy hour? How about $2 off mug fills from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday – Friday?
  • How the heck will I know which one’s mine? Well, we thought of that too. As a member of the Mug Club you’ll get a hand engraved, numbered, SBC-branded bottle opener that will be the key to your mug and the envy of your friends, colleagues and other such folks.
  • Discounts! You want discounts? How about this: As an SBC Mug Clubber you’ll get a 10% discount on your food bill on every trip. Heck, that may just be enough to buy another 20-ounce pour of fresh SBC beer.
  • Wait, you want another sweet piece of SBC gear, you’ll walk out with 10% off of that price tag, too!
  • Not enough? How ’bout a good ol’ SBC emblazoned shirt available to Mug Club members ONLY!
  • Oh, hey, we’ll also deliver exclusive announcements on new beers, upcoming events and awesome specials directly to your inbox!
  • And finally, when you sign up, your first mug of fresh, SBC beer is on us!
Red Mug Club

Now join the Mug Club today!

To join the Mug Club, visit Standard Brewing Co. at 12322 Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights, or purchase your membership via PayPal below and pick up your goods on your next trip out. Now that you know all about the SBC Mug Club, there’s no reason not to join!

Join the SBC Mug Club

Here’s the trub… a.k.a. the boring junk… Club Membership and benefits are non-transferable. Discounts may only be applied to mug club member’s check. Mug Club discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Mug Club memberships are good for one (1) year from date of purchase. Memberships are $75 to start and only $40 to for an additional year of member privileges only. *Due to the hand-made nature of all Mug Club mugs, 20 ounces is an approximate measurement and the actual size of each mug may vary slightly. ** Due to legal limitations, beers over 6% A.B.V. will be poured to the maximum amount allowed by law.

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